Academic Writer

We provide professional report templates on all subject matters, business areas and levels. The more business and management areas you feel comfortable writing about, the more money you can earn. We also provide website content, articles, SEO, resumes, college entrance essays, course contents, outlines, and research paper examples. We have several schools and colleges on the list to get the training material for students and teachers in different forms.
The potential to earn serious income is real. Most of our writers earn over PKR 20,000 per week, during our peak months!

We seek writers in the following areas:

  1. Management Sciences
  2. Humanities
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Economics
  5. International Affairs/Relations
  6. Accountancy and Finance
  7. Languages and Literature
  8. Engineering
  9. Medicine
  10. Research Methods in Businesses
  11. Research Reports
  12. Articles

You must be proficient in all our required citation methods (ie: MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard). You must also have immediate access to various online research databases, as well as local libraries.

  • A University Bachelors/Masters degree is a must
  • Candidates who have developed research reports/thesis at their university or schools will be preferred
  • Knowledge of using auto bibliography for references will get additional bonus.


TKB Research Writers Wing

Customers expect the highest quality work from us. To meet their requirements, we hire only the most highly-educated, able and skilled writers. We generously compensate our contracted writers accordingly, which guarantees employee satisfaction and quality workmanship, which, as a pleasant byproduct, also guarantees customer satisfaction.

Schedule and Working Hours
We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Your schedule and working hours will be completely up to you. We receive dozens of new orders every day, and you may choose any projects that you wish. You will need to check for new orders frequently, as new projects do not stay “open” for long. When you see a project for which you are qualified, you must take it before another writer does so. It’s a very fast-paced environment, but you will be rewarded with excellent pay and flexible hours.

You must have a “can do,” positive attitude, with the mental willingness and physical/intellectual skill-sets to enable you to undertake various researching, writing, and/or editing projects, while multitasking and adhering to very strict deadlines.

Work Responsibility

To analyze and strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by each customer, enabling you to research and write the material to exactly match each customer’s particular, unique specifications within the allotted time frame.

Plagiarism Policy
All writing must be 100% original, and you must properly cite all primary/secondary sources according to the particular citation style that each customer requests. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule! Turnkey, zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism entails immediate termination of employment.